We are passionate about giving students access to educational resources by providing quality online tutoring in English and French.



We believe in a building a better future for students everywhere.

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Whether you are looking FOR tutoring or are hoping to SERVE as a tutor, we can help!

We have tutors who are trained to help K-12 students in most subject matters including all levels of math, English, and science as well French, Spanish, and Mandarin.  Tutoring is done virtually, from the safety of your home. 

Need Service Hours?  We have 80+ opportunities a week for tutoring during most of the school year.  We train you and we have the best clients and a great team to support you.  

Looking for Leadership opportunities?  Spend a year as a tutor and you become eligible to help lead and grow Oui Tutor.


Oui Tutor grows leaders.  We offer teens that complete a year as a tutor and fulfill a yearly established number of tutoring hours, the possibility to move into a Board member position to serve in leadership during the following school year. This is a unique and fantastic chance to give, gain, and grow with like-minded people.

Board meetings are held virtually, with the exception of our Annual Planning meeting. 

While most of the business and goals involving the organization are implemented by our teens, we have an adult mentor, who has served on nonprofit boards for three decades as both a volunteer and as paid executive staff.



Oui Tutor offers teens an opportunity to explore the process of business building and growth as a Board member of a nonprofit organization. Oui Tutor’s vision and mission statement as well as values are established by the teens themselves, who revise and review new goals each year. 

Oui Tutor offers both free tutoring and nominally-priced tutoring. No dollars raised from tutoring are used to support the organization.  Every dollar is donated to the International School of Orange County – a separate educational non-profit institution. 

Tutoring in partnership with Vibrant Minds, a title one charter school in Anaheim, is free to the scholars at that school.   

We are looking for donors who wish to support our efforts as we have some operating costs (though minimal) as well as new programs we’d like to launch with our Vibrant Minds scholars.

Oui Tutor is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization classified under IRS 501(c)(3).  Tax payer ID number: 88-3679885