Parent Reviews!

“We have had a wonderful experience with Oui Tutor! Our daughter looks forward to her sessions and when I asked her what the best thing is about tutoring she said “we laugh so much!” Her confidence in her coursework has improved and we’ve noticed a change in how she approaches her homework since we’ve started. The tutors we’ve had know how to tailor the experience to the kid they’re working with- they are kind, but we also love that the tutor is prepared and works efficiently. Our daughter gets so much out of just 30 minutes! “  Tom


“The tutors were knowledgeable, helpful, kind, on time, and thorough when working with my daughter.  We thoroughly enjoyed working with each of the the tutors.  They were straightforward, clear, encouraging, and academically minded.  I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend these tutors to help your child succeed in school.”


Arthur A., Parent of a High School client

Partner Review!

“OUI Tutor has been a wonderful resource for our young scholars to connect with during our after-school program!  That our scholars can rely on these high school students to show up over Zoom each day to enthusiastically and patiently guide them through homework and support them with reading, is a testament to the tutors’ kind hearts and dedication to supporting academic excellence.  We, at Vibrant Minds Charter School, are grateful for the encouragement, inspiration, and guidance our scholars receive through our partnership with OUI Tutor!”


Kla Cook, Coordinator of Enrichment at Vibrant Minds Charter School


Why I Tutor!

“I am the co-CEO and a founding member of OUI Tutor and have had such a blast being a part of the team.  It is and has been my favorite volunteer activity to be a part of.”


Dara Farnoush, Class of 2023


“One testimonial I value is from a single mother. Her son, a 2nd grader at Vibrant Minds, could barely read and was in desperate need of help. The mother was struggling to balance multiple jobs and the needs of her son. Soon after gaining access to our free tutoring, the mother was overjoyed to find that her son’s reading improved dramatically. He was now able to finish his homework at school, freeing their evenings for family time. I hadn’t realized the impact that tutoring would have not only on the student but on an entire family.”  

Ransom Hatzenbuhler, Class of 2023